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Right from day one, Advance's surfactant business has been driven with the sole objective of product and process improvement. The effort to offer better quality product by process optimization is a constant exercise of our R& D division. The company can proudly claim many achievements to its credit in LAB sulphonation which improved the product quality and enhanced customer delight. Some of the noteworthy ones are as under:

  • First in the country to improve the active matter content of LABSA from 85% to 86% in 1984-85 to above 90% through Sulphuric Acid route

  • Against the average colour of the finished product, which was above 300 Klett in the days of sulphonation with oleum, we could deliver a final material with colour as low as 35 Klett on sulphuric acid route and successfully establish this product as a quality parameter with detergent manufacturers

  • Developed in-house, a state of the art system for neutralisation and drying of LAS paste. The specially designed drying system operates on the lowest specific consumption of utilities like steam & electricity

  • By application of process reengineering and incorporation of automatic control systems the group developed a reaction system capable of running at about six times the throughput capacity of existing reactor

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