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Advance Group understands its social responsibilities & thus its industrial processes & programs are aimed at environmentally sustainable development, right from conceptual & planning stages.

We are committed to protecting the health & safety of everybody who plays a part in our operations or uses our products. Wherever we operate we conduct our operations with respect & care for both the local & global environment & systematically manage risks to drive sustainable business growth.

The objectives of the organisation to be achieved on issues concerning safety health and environment are:

  • Meet all statutory requirements of the government and ensure that corrective and preventive action in case of a lapse is automatically and immediately taken

  • Maintain a secure work environment ensuring proper design, engineering and maintenance of plant and machinery to protect employees & company's assets from risk of injury, property loss & damage resulting from hostile acts

  • Provide employees with the capabilities, knowledge, training & resources necessary to instil personal ownership & motivation to achieve excellence

  • Conduct HAZOP study and develop emergency preparedness plan. To conduct periodic mock runs to ensure effectiveness of the plan

  • Benchmark our norms for all issues relating to and make continual efforts for improvement. Reward and recognition for all efforts towards improving present operating conditions shall be formalised

  • Create an image of being an eco friendly company and ensure that we meet all social obligations

  • The organisation shows its social concern through Mahindru Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation managed by the group

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